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Event Technology

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Expertise to Cover Any Event

Whether you are organizing a corporate event, headlining a music festival, or just hosting a corporate party around your pool, the production of your event is either transparent and doesn’t interfere with your event or it can lead to distractions and disaster. Productive AV’s expert staff, armed with quality equipment, work diligently to make sure your event goes without a hitch. Productive AV has you covered with Audio Systems ranging from a few mics with small speakers on stands, to full band packages powered by d&b audiotechnik concert PA, and video systems from small projectors to large scale Absen LED video walls.

Inventory Highlights

Take a look at our most popular gear. If you don’t see what you are looking for, visit our contact page and let us know.

Audio Equipment

  • d&b audiotechnik KSL Series Line Array

  • d&b audiotechnik SL-Series Subwoofers

  • d&b audiotechnik V-Series Line Array

  • d&b audiotechnik V-Series Subwoofers

  • d&b audiotechnik T-Series Line Array

  • d&b audiotechnik M-Series Monitors

  • d&b audiotecknik D80 / D20 Amplifiers

  • d&b audiotecknik E-Series Point Source Speakers

  • RCF EVOX 12 2-Way Array Speaker Systems

  • QSC Speakers

  • Avid S6L Consoles w. Waves

  • Midas Pro Series Consoles

  • Midas M32/M32R Consoles

  • Yamaha CL Series Consoles

  • QSC TouchMix Mixers

  • Soundcraft & Shure Small Format Mixers

  • Shure ULX-D Wireless Mic Kits (SM58/Beta58/KSM9)

  • Shure QLX-D Wireless Mic Kits (SM58/Beta58/KSM9)

  • DPA Mics

  • Countryman E6 Mics

  • Shure Podium Mics

  • Festival Mic Kits

  • Boom + Straight Mic Stand Kits

  • Whirlwind Active Press Boxes

  • Whirlwind 48-ch Analog 2-Way Split Snakes

  • Innkeeper 1x Digital Hybrids

  • Sony Push-to-talk System, 18 Microphone Systems

  • Riedel Wired Comm Package

  • Telex Wireless Comm Package

  • Sennheiser G3 EIMs

Video Equipment

  • Absen 6mm LED Video Wall Panels (IP65)

  • Absen 3.9mm LED Video Wall Panels

  • Novastar LED Video Wall Controllers

  • PixelFLEX CC-1850 18mil LED Curtain

  • Panasonic PT-RZ12KU, 12,500 lm HD Projectors

  • Panasonic PT-DW830, 8,500 lm HD Projectors

  • Panasonic PT-EW730, 7,000 lm HD Projectors

  • Stumpfl 11 x 20-ft Front/Rear Screens

  • Stumpfl 9 x 16-ft Front/Rear Screens

  • Stumpfl 8 x 14-ft Front/Rear Screens

  • Da-Lite 8-ft Tripod Screens

  • Da-Lite 6-ft Tripod Screens

  • Analog Way Pulse2-3G (Midra), Scaler/Switcher

  • Roland V-1SDI Video Switchers

  • AJA & Decimator Converters

  • Panasonic 70-in Displays

  • LG 55-in Displays

  • LG 24-in Monitors

  • Whiteboards

  • Perfect Cue Wireless Clickers

  • DVD Players

  • Panasonic AJ-PX270 HD Video Cameras

  • Manfrotto Camera Tripods

Lighting & Decor Equipment

  • GrandMA2 Full Size Lighting Consoles

  • Martin M-Touch Lighting Controllers

  • Chauvet Rogue R2 Spots

  • Elation Design Wash Zoom

  • Martin MH 6 Wash

  • Chauvet E-910FC Ellipsodials

  • ETC Source Four Ellipsoidals

  • ETC Source Four PARs

  • Fresnel Lighting Fixtures

  • Blizzard TOURanado IP EXA (IP65)

  • Chauvet WELL Fit (IP65) LED Lights

  • Applied Dimmer Packs

  • Chauvet Net-X
  • Applied 20 x 20-ft, 16 x 16-ft, 10 x 10-ft, 8 x 8-ft Truss Systems

  • Applied AGP 3 LED Video Wall Goal Post System (60 MPH rating)

  • Applied LA12-25 Speaker Towers

  • Black Velvet Pipe & Drape Systems, 5ft, 16-ft & 22-ft Tall

  • Spandex Decor Pieces

  • Acrylic Podium
  • CM 1-ton, 1/2-ton Chain Motors

  • Motion Labs 200A Power Distro

  • OCD 200A Power Distro

  • Indu-Electric 400A (208v) Power Distro

  • Motion Labs Motor Control, 8-way